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On this new site you will find much that will enliven and support you on your parenting journey.

– Articles and interviews

– Short videos on hot parenting topics

– A  forum for parent exchange and support

– Kim reading from his books with expanded commentary [coming soon]

Topics such as keeping rhythm healthy during vacations, bringing partners and extended family along with you, how to reduce screen time are featured. You will find a deeper dive into many of the topics that you may know about from reading Kim’s books Simplicity Parenting and The Soul of Discipline. We’ll be adding more content as our Community Area develops and as you let us know what you’d like to see here.
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Facebook Forum

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Digital Decisions

We will delve into the complex issues brought into family life by screens. We will think you’ll come away inspired to take a step further into creating a healthy relationship with technology, one that honors your family’s core values and protects your connection.

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Community Library

For all past and current featured topics, articles of the month and Simplicity diary entries, please check our the Community Library!

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The Simplicity Movie

Each week we will release a new clip from our upcoming full length feature, “The Simplicity Movie.”

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Simplicity Diary

Each week Kim records a brief musing on bringing simplicity and balance to life. These gentle and sometimes humorous “a-ha” moments come out of what he notices around him during daily life with his family, friends and on his travels.

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The Author's Perspective

Listen to Kim reading his book and feel it coming even more alive with his never heard before comments and heart warming stories.

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