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Where parents come to connect and grow.

Resource Center

The community offers a rich library of helpful content for every phase of your parenting journey, with new material being added every month. You’ll find exclusive video, audio, and written materials, organized in a way that you can quickly and easily find whatever you need.

Community Forum

Perhaps the best benefit of membership is our welcoming community of like-minded parents and Simplicity Community staff. It’s the perfect place to get the support and connection you need. (And if you’re Facebook-averse—like we are—don’t worry; We have a simplicity-friendly solution just for you.)

Community Workshops

Periodically, we focus on a topic of particular interest to the community, and we invite the public to join (for a fee). These workshops are filled with timely and original materialand they’re free for community members. (Members also get a discount on our higher-level trainings.) These savings alone more than pay for community membership.

“Simplicity Diary” and Book Readings

Kim John Payne publishes a weekly audio diary and reads from his bestselling books, adding additional commentary and fresh perspective. These audio series bring the simplicity vision to life in a unique and wonderful wayand they're only available to community members.

If you're ready to have a simpler, more connected family life, we'd love for you to join us.

Membership costs just $9.95 USD per month, and you can cancel at any time. Just fill out the registration form, click the button below, and we'll see you in the community!


We're sorry, but membership in the Simplicity Community is currently closed, while we conduct our Community Workshop, "The Art of Family Change."

For the time being, please consider one of these options:

• Sign up for our Community Waiting List, so we can let you know when registration opens up again.

• Connect with other "Simplifiers" on our public Facebook page

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Thank you for your interest! We hope to see you again soon.