Simplicity Parenting Care Professionals Seminar

with Davina Muse, LMHC

A training for social workers, therapists, educators, caregivers, healthcare professionals and others who care for children and families.

Imagine the difference it would make to add Simplicity Parenting to your work with children and families.

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Simplicity Parenting Introduction

Seminar Overview

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Simplicity Parenting is a multi-layered, systems approach for decreasing cumulative stress in children’s and families’ lives.

Research has shown that this comprehensive approach, based on the work and highly acclaimed book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne, M.Ed., is effective in addressing and decreasing a range of clinical and subclinical symptoms, including attention difficulties, hyperactivity, impulsivity, anxiety, difficulties with sleep, and a host of stress-related behavioral and emotional symptoms.

If you are a Care Professional (clinician, social worker, family therapist, educator) please know that we will be offering 6 CEUs ( NASW approved) for this training: a six-hour seminar offered as three, two-hour tele-classes over three consecutive days.

In this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Help families build resiliency in their children
  • Improve specialized treatment and/or care effectiveness by helping to bring balance and calm to child’s home life
  • Enrich your professional practice with new theory and skills

After completion, you will  be invited to join our Care Professionals Forum (private Facebook group) for connection and sharing with others who are bringing Simplicity Parenting into their practices.


What kind of people attend this Seminar? +

Participants are educators, therapists, social workers, lay people who work with parents in their communities, Special Education teachers, Day Care providers, Early Childhood and other School directors and administrators.

How much does this Seminar cost? +

$100 for registration without CEU’s.
$130 for registration with 6 CEU’s approved by the National Association of Social Workers.


This cost includes a wealth of learning materials and other materials for your use in your practice as a Care Professional working with families, parents and children.

Do you offer group discounts? +

Discounts are available for groups of 12 or more care professionals from the same organization. If you have such a group, please contact to arrange your discount.

How often is it offered? +

We offer this training twice a year, in April, and December.

What is the schedule? +

The Seminar is offered as three, 2-hour tele-classes, from 2pm–4 pm, EST on three consecutive days. The schedule for the upcoming seminar is posted below this FAQ list.

How does the CEU Certification work? +

Please make sure your State Licensing Board accepts NASW CEU’s. NASW requires that you complete and submit a Post Test for each of the three seminar calls, and an evaluation for the whole Seminar. We send you a NASW certificate for 6 CEU’s and inform NASW of your participation, with documentation.

How much time should I allow to prepare for the seminar? +

No specific preparation is required. It can, however, be very helpful to have read the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne before the seminar.

How much time should I allow for study during the training? +

Depending on your study skills, we suggest 4-6 hours a week prior to and during the weeks between the 4 conference calls, for reading, watching and studying your training materials, and submitting your reflection assignments. Participants who are using English as a second or third language may need to allow more time for study.

Can I take the training from outside the USA? +

Yes! The learning material is downloadable, using directions you receive upon registration. You can buy Skype phone minutes very inexpensively to pay for attending the conference calls from anywhere in the world.

Do I need a computer or any special skills to do the training? +

You will need to able to:

  • Attend a long distance phone conference call using directions given on registration.
  • Look at a power point presentation on a computer during the conference calls.
  • Have email for communication with your instructor.
  • Upload and send documents and download attachments.
  • Click on links and access your learning materials on our website.

Many of our participants have found gaining familiarity with new technology and skills a valuable part of the Seminar experience.

What if I have to miss a call? +

All the conference calls are recorded, and are available for six months after the Seminar so you can easily catch up, and refresh later. We encourage you not to miss more than two calls. If you are requiring NASW CEU’s you are required to attend at least two calls.

Do you offer On-site Seminars? +

We are happy to collaborate with any community that would like an on-site seminar. This would involve that community finding at least 15 participants, a good location, and a Site Coordinator, and being within three hours drive of Western Massachusetts. We provide registration administration, ongoing guidance and written materials as support.

Do you offer refunds if I am unable to attend? +

If you are unable to attend the dates you registered for, you may transfer your registration to the next Seminar date.

If you are unable to attend for reasons of illness or family emergency, and can provide a doctor’s note, we will consider refunds on a case-by-case basis.


  • Class 1: Monday, December 4th, 2pm-4pm EST
  • Class 2: Tuesday, December 5th, 2pm-4pm EST
  • Class 3: Wednesday, December 6th, 2pm-4pm EST

About the Instructor

Davina Muse, LMHC, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and holds a Masters Degree in Counseling (College of Santa Fe), with a focus on family systems and at-risk youth. She has been working closely with Kim John Payne for 8 years, and is the Senior Training Director for Simplicity Parenting.

If you're ready to bring Simplicity Parenting into your work with children and families, we'd love for you to join us.

Tuition is just $100 USD (or $130 with 6 CEU's)


We're sorry, registration for the Simplicity Parenting Care Professionals Seminar is now closed.

Registration for the next class should open in April.

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Our Promise To You: No-Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Simplicity Parenting Care Professionals Seminar consists of three, two-hour sessions, held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If after Tuesday’s session, you sincerely feel the training is not a good fit for you, let us know, and we’ll refund your full tuition, no questions asked. (NOTE: Requests need to come in before Wednesday’s session. After that, no refunds are available.)