Simplicity Parenting Discipline and Guidance ESSAY CONTEST


Here at Simplicity Parenting, we understand that parents need help with discipline and guidance, now more than ever. This is one big reason we’re offering our new Discipline and Guidance Coach Training later this month.

We also thought it would be fun and informative to hear your thoughts and experiences on the subject, and that your insights would be helpful to other parents as well.

So we've decided to host our first ever essay contest!

Of course, given our Simplicity worldview, it’s a non-competitive contest. 🙂 (Winners will be selected at random.)

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t fabulous prizes!

- One entrant will receive FREE TUITION to our Discipline and Guidance Coach Training, beginning later this month. ($980 USD value. CLICK HERE to learn about the training.)

- Two others will receive three months free membership in the Simplicity Community ($29.85 value).

We hope you will take a few minutes this week to share your thoughts with us on this important topic.

Contest rules and submission form are below. We look forward to seeing your essay!


  • Be mindful of the length limits (3 mins. for video, 500 words for written).
  • We love stories! (as long as they don’t get too long :-))
  • Though it’s a serious topic, it's okay to have fun with it.


  • TOPIC: “Why discipline and guidance are needed for children today, and the challenges to it you see in the world.”
  • Essay may be either VIDEO or WRITTEN (one submission per person).
  • Videos must be 3 MINUTES or less.
  • Written essays must be 500 WORDS or less.
  • All submissions must be received by 5pm EST, Friday, January 12th.
  • Winners will be chosen at random.
  • One entrant will receive a free tuition to our upcoming Simplicity Parenting Discipline and Guidance Training. ($980 USD value) 
  • Two entrants will receive a coupon for 3 months free membership in the Simplicity Community. ($29.85 value)
  • If DG Training winner has already registered for the course, their tuition will be refunded.
  • Entries may be posted on our public Facebook page. (Submitting your essay grants us the right to post it.)

Questions? Click Here


We're sorry, the essay contest is now closed. Thank you for your interest!